In 2011, WISE Kid-Netic Energy won the Actua & GE Canada Award for Leadership and Innovation. This award was created in 1998 as a way to recognize member organizations that have best exemplified the Actua spirit of innovation over the past year.

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Breaking news!

Six of our 23 workshops are now completely free of charge thanks to CanCode funding from the federal government. These six workshops are Codemakers Jr., Codemakers, Electricity #1, Electricity #2, Optics, and The Science of Sound. See our workshop catalogue for more details!

When you book workshops with WISE Kid-Netic Energy one of our instructors will enter your classroom equipped with supplies, enthusiasm, and excitement for a jam-packed science, engineering, and technology workshop. These dynamic sessions consist of exciting demonstrations, interactive experiments, and hands-on activities.  Upon completion of the workshops, your classes will have developed an excitement for science, engineering, and technology while interacting with positive university role models. 

Our workshops are designed, tried and tested with the Manitoba School Science Curriculum.

Please click below to see our workshop catalogue:

In english Check out our two NEW workshops! (Note: The cost of our Optics workshop is $50, not $150.)

En français 

This year we have TWO NEW workshops: MARBLES & MEGAWATTS (Gr. 7 & 9) and TIN FOIL CANOES (Gr. 4-8)!

MARBLES & MEGAWATTS: Ever wonder how electricity is produced? How it travels to your home/work/school? How much electricity is needed to keep the lights on? Play Marbles & Megawatts to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of different sources of electricity, and learn how to keep the lights on in your classroom!

TIN FOIL CANOES: Hundreds of years ago the Indigenous peoples of North America used water to transport goods. Today water is still used to transport an enormous number of goods around the world. How are ships able to carry so much weight and not sink? Try out our engineering challenge in which you go through the design process to come up with ways to hold as many marbles as possible using one piece of tin foil. You can fold, crinkle, rip and squish your way to the top of the class. Are you up for the challenge?